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Office of the Fire Commissioner

  • February is Burn Awareness Week
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The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) is the provincial body responsible for the general oversight of the fire rescue and search and rescue portion of Alberta's public safety system.

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SARScene 2016 Organizing Committee

At the SARVAC workshops held in Nordegg on January 21, the SARScene 2016 organizing committee was presented with a token of appreciation from the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Left to right: Spence Sample, Acting Fire Commissioner; Ed Van Heeren, Mike Cook, Delea Mapstone and Michelle Limoges

Alberta’s Fire / Search and Rescue Safety Strategy

Having competent, sustainable, effective and local fire/SAR services throughout the province mitigates the impacts of fires, and enhances the safety of Albertans.

OFC Fire Services Certification Application Forms

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