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Exam Rewrites

  • Rewrites are only granted to those students who scored 60% to 69% on the original exam.
  • Rewrite exams must be completed within 6 MONTHS of the original exam date. Applications to rewrite must be received by the OFC at least 2 WEEKS prior to the proposed rewrite date. 
  • Rewrite applications must be submitted by the training host or approved training provider on behalf of the student.
  • All rewrites must be associated with an original exam file and therefore it is essential to include the original exam date on the form.
NOTE: Before submitting your application, check with the educational institution or department who hosted your exam for their specific requirements and procedures.


Step 1     Arrangements must be made for a proctor to administer the exam. Refer to the requirements listed under Instructor, Proctor, and Evaluator Requirements.

Step 2     The training host completes and submits an Application to Rewrite Exam to the OFC. 

If the application is approved, the OFC will send an exam package and instructions to your designated proctor one or more days prior to the testing date. After you have completed your exam, the proctor will return the package to the OFC, where it will be processed. The results and an invoice will be forwarded to your host department within five working days of receiving the package from the proctor. The fee for each rewrite exam is $45.

  • Date modified: 2016-07-06