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Apply to Host an Exam / Evaluation

Step 1    Check if the NFPA level you want to host is available through the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Step 2    Ensure you have the textbooks and equipment (including PPC/PPE that meets the applicable standards) and that the Standard/Level is available from the Office of the Fire Commissioner (see NFPA Standard Availability).

Step 3    Ensure your candidates have the prerequisites for the training. Refer to NFPA Certificate Requirements for level specific prerequisites and requirements. Check if they have any special requirements for which training and/or testing accommodations must be made. All special testing accommodations must be approved by the OFC prior to testing by submitting an Application for Testing Accommodations form with your training application.

Step 4    Arrange for a qualified instructor(s), proctor and evaluator (see Instructor, Proctor and Evaluator Requirements). The recommended candidate-to-instructor ratio is a maximum of 7:1 in training containing practical components and 5:1 for live fire training.

Step 5    Set dates for the training, exam and skills evaluation.

Step 6    Complete an Application to Host Training form and submit it to the OFC for approval.

NOTE:  Only fire departments and approved educational institutions may apply to host training. Training for certification by the OFC cannot be done by correspondence. Exam packages and evaluation sets will be sent to the proctor and evaluator by the OFC approximately three to five working days prior to the testing date(s).

Training Host Responsibilities

The host department is responsible for scheduling the course and training/evaluation site, supplying all textbooks and learning materials, and arranging for qualified instructors, proctors and evaluators. The host department is also responsible for the safety and well-being of the candidates and staff during training and evaluations. The host department will conduct the training according to accepted practices, including NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Standard and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations, and in compliance of local regulations, municipal bylaws, and provincial and/or federal legislation. A detailed list of training host responsibilities is included in the Training Host Agreement attached to the Application to Host Training.

Changes to your Training/Testing

If you need to change any aspect of your training/testing (e.g., reschedule or postpone, change the number of candidates, change the proctor or evaluator), please complete and submit an Exam/Evaluation Change Request form. Notifications of rescheduling must be received by the OFC before the original testing date and at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the proposed new testing date(s).


If you need to cancel your training/testing, contact the OFC as soon as possible. If you have not administered the exams and you return the testing package to the OFC, there will be no charge.

Training and Testing Overview

NOTE: You must allow a minimum of 30 days from the approval of your application (and start of your training) to your scheduled exam date. Please note that the processing times indicated here are approximate and may be affected by fluctuations in training and testing volumes.

  • Date modified: 2017-12-14