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The OFC ensures that all written examinations and practical skills evaluations for certification are compliant with the latest Standards as set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Prior to declaring compliance with a new Standard, the OFC coordinates validations of examinations and skills evaluations by subject matter experts from Alberta’s Fire Rescue Service. 

Validation Process

Each time a new NFPA Standard is published (typically every five years), OFC staff compares the new and old Standards to identify changes and updates all examination and evaluation material to reflect those changes. Fire rescue service experts in the specific subject of the NFPA Standard/Level meet to review the material and revise it as necessary based on:

  • requirements of the Standard/Level
  • content in the applicable textbook(s)
  • current Alberta fire rescue services practices
  • consistency and fairness
  • clarity, logic, grammar, and spelling and
  • OFC style and formatting standards.

The validation team may also develop new exam questions and practical skills posters as necessary and evaluate the textbooks’ coverage of the NFPA Standard/Level. The validation process may take from two days to two weeks, depending on the scope of the NFPA Standard/Level.

Participating in a Validation

OFC validation sessions assist fire rescue instructors in maintaining currency in their subject matter area and allows them to make a meaningful, hands-on contribution to developing their profession in Alberta.

To qualify as a validator, you must have successfully completed:

  • the NFPA Standard and Level under review and
  • NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor Level 1.


If you would like to participate in a validation session, or your department would like to host a validation session, please contact the OFC at
  • Date modified: 2016-04-07