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Hazard Houses, Sparky


The Office of the Fire Commissioner has five Hazard Houses that Alberta fire rescue service can use. The Hazard House provides innovative and gripping presentations on home fire hazards, early detection of smoke/fire and proper responses in a fire. It is recommended to use with Learn Not To Burn programs of the National Fire Protection Association. The Hazard House is one of the best tools for teaching, learning and remembering about hazards and risks inside and outside the home. It is 3D, animated, interactive and easily fits in a car trunk.


Hazard Houses are available from our regional offices. Fax Lethbridge: 403-382-4426, Calgary: 403-297-4174, Red Deer: 403-340-5210, Edmonton: 780-415-8663, Peace River: 780-624-6552). Borrowers are responsible for proper care and handling of the Hazard House.


  • Date modified: 2017-01-30