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Fire Statistics Research

Research papers, articles, and presentations produced by the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) and other jurisdictions will be posted here. These documents and research are made possible by gathering fire incident information. Disseminating the analyzed findings can have application in a range of fire protection measures such as public fire prevention and safety campaigns and publications, and fire and building code amendments.

Highway Vehicle Fires (2008-2010)

This report (pdf), released January 2013 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's US Fire Administration, examines the characteristics of highway vehicle fires. The data was collected through the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

Study Confirms Cooking, Smoking are Top Causes of House Fires

This study and the larger one posted on the CCFM/FC website demonstrate that a fire picture for Canadian homes can be constructed. The findings here closely correspond with those for the United States. The author, Mahendra Wijayasinghe (recently retired fom the OFC), hopes that this analysis will contribute to home fire-prevention efforts in Canada.

Smoke Alarms Work, but Not for Ever

This report explains why a comprehensive, whole-of-government commitment should be pursued to ensure every home in Canada has a functioning smoke alarm.
Authors: Fire Chief Len Garis and Dr. John Clare, University of the Fraser Valley

Search and Rescue Research

Research papers, articles, and presentations produced by the Search and Rescue Association of Alberta and the OFC on Alberta search and rescue incidents will be posted here.
  • Date modified: 2017-12-11