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Regional Offices

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-866-421-6929

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Northwest Region Northeast Region North Central Region East Central Region Central Region South Central Region Southern Region
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Kevan Jess, Fire Commissioner
Alex Martsynkevych, Program Coordinator

Accreditation and Certification

VACANT, Director, Stakeholder Engagement and Registrar
Sonya Irvine, Manager of Accreditation and Certification
Pat Barford, Technical Standards Writer
Margie Nunweiler, Certification and Examination Coordinator
Irene Aggrey, Exam and Certification Assistant

Regional Technical Advisors

Northwest Region

Aaron W. Fuson, Regional Technical Advisor

Northeast Region

Terri Savitsky, Regional Technical Advisor

North Central Region

Keven Thomson, Regional Technical Advisor

East Central Region

Don Rosland, Regional Technical Advisor

Central Region

Dean Clark, Regional Technical Advisor

South Central Region

Tom Harnos, Regional Technical Advisor

Southern Region

Tom Littlechild, Regional Technical Advisor

Search and Rescue

Mike Cook, Search and Rescue Liaison Officer

Structural Protection

Steve Otway, WUI Structural Protection Coordinator


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