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OFC Transcript or Seal Numbers

NOTE: Student transcripts will not be available from August 1st to September 15th as we transition to our new student records system.

Requesting an OFC Transcript

An Office of the Fire Commissioner transcript includes a record of

  • results for any exams or practical skills evaluations administered by the OFC and
  • any IFSAC or Pro Board certificate seals you have been issued by the OFC.

To request an OFC transcript, complete and submit a Transcript Request. Transcripts are considered confidential information and will not be released without your written permission. A copy of your transcript will be sent to you or the organization listed on your application form. There is no fee for this service.

Requesting Your Seal Numbers

If you have been issued certificates by the OFC and have lost or misplaced them, you have three options for retrieving your seal numbers:

  • Complete and submit a Transcript Request to the OFC. Your certificate seal number(s) are permanently registered with the OFC and your OFC transcript lists all seal number(s) issued to you. There is no fee for this service.
  • Apply for a replacement certificate from the OFC.
  • Contact IFSAC or Pro Board for a list of your certificate seal numbers. IFSAC and Pro Board maintain an international registry of certificate seal numbers. You can request a copy of your seal numbers directly from IFSAC by emailing You can search the Pro Board Certification Registry for your seal numbers on the Pro Board website:
  • Date modified: 2018-07-31