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Search and Rescue Training

Well-trained search and rescue (SAR) volunteers do not add risk or complexity to already tense emergency situations. In Alberta, SAR volunteers train to uniform and consistent standards.

All provinces and territories have adopted a set of criteria on which to base ground search and rescue training. The Office of the Fire Commissioner and SAR Alberta work together to ensure Alberta adopts effective training standards. SAR Alberta maintains a standing committee on training standards. A provincial standard for ground search and rescue that allows personnel from different teams and agencies to work together effectively will result.

Training programs and curriculum supported by SAR Alberta and the Office of the Fire Commissioner include the following:

  • SAR Skills: Basic Searcher
  • SAR Team Leader
  • Wilderness Response: Initial Response
  • Urban Search and Rescue: Initial Response

Provincial Training Exercise (Operation Octopus), Chambers Creek, October 28-29, 2009

Teams receive information about the incident. A 72-year-old woman and her granddaughter are missing.

Calgary Search and Rescue members look for signs of the missing women.

The women have been found; one broke a hip, and has been stabilized for transport.

Low-angle Rescue Training Exercise

Doug Ritchie administers first aid to a patient who has fallen down a slope.

Doug Ritchie and David Hadley pack the patient for evacuation up the slope.

Patient is being evacuated up the slope to medical aid.

Operation Dark Squeeze, Crowsnest Pass, September 2011

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